Public input sought on proposed oil refinery
The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is seeking public input on a proposed oil refinery project near Kitimat. The agency must decide whether a federal environmental assessment is required for the proposed Pacific Future Energy Refinery Project, located on Dubose Flats, approximately 32 kilometres north of Kitimat. Pacific Future Energy Corporation is proposing the construction, operation and eventual decommissioning of an oil refinery. The refinery would be capable of refining 31,795 m3 per day (200,000 barrels per day) of nearly solid bitumen over a project life of at least 60 years. The nearly solid bitumen would be transported to the site by unit trains and unloaded to storage tanks located at Dubose Flats. The project would include a new railway yard with seven tracks and a total track length of 20.9 kilometres, and have a petroleum storage capacity of 860,043 m3. The company’s executive committee includes: Samer F. Salameh, Executive Chairman; Mark Marissen, Chief Strategy and Communications Officer Jacques Benoit; Chief Operating Officer; Mike Bonshor, Chief Negotiator; David Coles, Vice President Partnership and Sustainability Robert Delamar, Senior Advisor; Shawn Atleo, Senior Advisor; Heather Squire, Senior Advisor; and Stockwell Day, Senior Advisor. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is seeking comments from the public on the project and its potential effects on the environment, as described in the summary of the project description.
All comments received will be considered public. As a next step, the Agency will post a decision on its website stating whether an environmental assessment is required. If one is required, the public will have three more opportunities to comment on the project. Written comments must be submitted by July 20, 2016 to: Pacific Future Energy Refinery Project Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency 410-701 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC V7Y 1C6 Telephone: 604-666-2431 Fax: 604-666-6990 Email: CEAA.PacificRefinery- RaffineriePacific.ACEE@ceaa-