We’re just over halfway through September, and it seems that the month will live up to its reputation in Prince George of being four seasons […]

Change your driving with the seasons

I worked in newspapers for more than 20 years before I joined CFIS radio a couple of years ago. At first, when I started with […]

It’s all about asking questions

BY DERMOD TRAVIS Integrity BC There’s nothing quite like poring through 87,527 credit card charges to the B.C. government’s plastic in 2016/17. Charges that can […]

Victoria loved to use plastic

Who is missing from this picture? Today, the Ad Hoc Cabinet Committee on Federal Recovery Efforts for 2017 BC Wildfires met with members of the […]

Guess who got left off the guest list?

Robert McGarvey
BY ROBERT MCGARVEY Everyone who’s ever done business with Donald Trump knows his favourite tactic: don’t negotiate; intimidate. Well, he’s at it again, threatening to […]

Thinking the unthinkable on NAFTA

BY DERMOD TRAVIS Integrity BC B.C.’s 2017 election will go down in the history books and in more ways than one. The province’s closest election […]

Money can’t buy you love

You can’t say the weather didn’t cooperate with the B.C. Northern Exhibition on the weekend. A bit of wind, the occasional little sprinkle of rain, […]

Catching up with friends at the BCNE

Saturday evening, I had the feeling of being in a time warp – twice. When I stepped out of Kin 1 at about 8 p.m., […]

When darkness falls

BY DERMOD TRAVIS Integrity BC It had to have been lost in the mail. It’s the only plausible explanation. I can’t imagine any other reason […]

Speed dating for B.C. lobbyists

In The Republic, Plato wrote (but not in English, of course), “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is […]

Something about nothing

And so we come to August. It’s one of only two months named after a person, as opposed to a mythological being or a number. […]

The august month of August

BY DERMOD TRAVIS Integrity BC As the new B.C. government settles in and email accounts are transferred over, it’ll soon be time for them to […]

The B.C. government’s dark ops

This is a great photo. Not just because it shows many of the Prince George media types hard at work grilling politicians about the forest […]

When everyone got together

Message from Mayor Lyn Hall to all the volunteers devoted to assisting the evacuees of the Cariboo wildfires in Prince George: Today marks a dozen days since […]

Hall sends message to city volunteers

As of tomorrow, it will be 48 years since Neil Armstrong took “one small step”. Hard as it may be for some people to believe, […]

Take me to the moon

BY DERMOD TRAVIS Integrity BC Houston, we have a consensus. Well, almost. All three parties in the B.C. legislature now support a ban on corporate […]

Elections must be won fair and square

As I write this last Monday morning, Prince George is feeling the effects of the forest fires which are ravaging the province, without actually being […]

Memories of fires past

Today’s the day that we finally put an end to the political machinations that were set in motion May 9 … or is it just […]

Party lines spoil the party

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday, dear Canada. Happy birthday to you. Place doesn’t look too bad for 150 years. Oh […]

Not looking too bad for 150

BY DERMOD TRAVIS Integrity BC Athletes seek it, why wouldn’t politicians try and do the same? The little things that can help a party gain […]

In search of an edge in B.C. politics

Dear Mr. Weaver: As you are aware, I was copied on correspondence from NDP Leader John Horgan to BC Hydro CEO Jessica McDonald with respect […]

Leaders’ letter wars over Site C