Looking at the Loony Lane Looper


There is a particular species of Blacktop Blockhead who can be found at most intersections in Prince George, at almost any time of the year.

This is the Loony Lane Looper, the person who has strange concepts about how the lanes on the street work when it comes to making turns.

One example is the person who is driving on Foothills Boulevard, comes to 15th Avenue, goes into the left-turn lane, then turns into the outside lane on 15th Avenue.

As far as I know, that’s illegal. I believe the law is that you have to turn into the corresponding lane, so if you’re in one of the double left-turn lanes (southbound on Highway 97 at Fifth Avenue, for instance), you turn into the inside or outside lane on Fifth depending on which highway lane you’re in.

I realize the one corner where that can be almost impossible to do is northbound on Highway 97 at 15th Avenue. Many people making the left-hand turn want to get onto Central Street right away, so they pretty well have to turn into the ‘wrong’ lane.

I sometimes take pleasure at the corner of Foothills and 15th, if I’m turning right from 15th northbound onto Foothills, in making my turn when there are other vehicles turning left from the other side.

That seems to be a corner where some leadfoots like to turn into the wrong lane so they floor it immediately and get past that guy in front of them who was driving legally.

When I make my turn into my lane, though, they suddenly realize they can’t go into that lane, because I’m there legally, and they wouldn’t be.

Remember, the road is like a bowling alley. Everybody has to stay in their lane.

  • Hey, Allan, they’re just doing what them there perfessional transit bus drivers is doing, left turns, right to the curb lane. Yes, it is illegal and a very unsafe practice, but try telling that to a bus driver.
    15th and foothills is a prime example of foolish fumbleheads trying to get to the gas station on a left turn.
    The one I can’t understand are two curves on 1st Ave. between Ospika and Foothills. Don’t know how many times
    a driver coming towards me has overcorrected back in to their own lane. Lazy drivers cut curves.