Primex Properties looks to build on George Street

Primex Properties is hoping to change the look of George Street in Prince George.

At right is an artist’s rendering of what the street looks like now and what the company hopes to accomplish with the property on George Street.

“We feel that it can offer a great retail and office experience as well some residential on the third floor,” according to the company’s website. “We’re looking for input from possible tenants to help us shape the construction of this new building.”

The existing building is 4,800 square feet on two floors. It is across the street from City Hall, a major hotel, and great restaurants. The area has seen nice recent improvements as Photofax, right next door, recently completed major renovations to its building.

Primex Properties plans to expand the current building.

Primes Properties rents and leases real estate in Prince George, Burns Lake and Smithers.

  • Retnemmoc

    I don’t think we need more office/retail space downtown …
    How about some nice downtown residential, or a pub with a patio, or whathaveyou
    But not more office space …. there’s already empty office space downtown

  • Trailblazer86

    It’s hard to tell much from this drawing. But getting some decent residential space downtown could be a key element in improving the area even more and creating a lively and safer atmosphere. It will definitely take some time to see the benefits, but this could be step in the right direction?